Welcome to Pentiaq AB, a company with strong ties to research in the areas of indoor air quality, ventilation and household energy consumption. Pentiaq offers a wide spectrum of measurements and analyses in the areas of indoor climate and energy:

• Ventilation and Airflows
• Air Distribution
• Moisture in air and building materials
• Indoor temperature
• Energy consumption

Pentiaq develops measuring techniques and also undertakes consulting tasks in its scope of activities. Pentiaqs speciality is measuring the local ventilation efficiency with patented tracer gas methods. Special measurements of air flows between different zones of buildings are also possible. Some of the many applications of the latter are air transport from corridors to adjacent rooms, from crawl space to living quarters, airtightness etc.

Tracer gas methods are used to measure the ventilation distribution and the total ventilation flow in different types of building, such as smaller houses, apartments, offices, schools, churches, industries and more. Pentiaq handles everything from the preparation of tracer gas sources to analysis of samples and other measuring equipment that has been out in the field. Pentiaq carries out analysis with a custom-built gas chromatograph.